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Welcome to The Anger Academy.

We offer advanced training for coaches, counsellors and therapists in the fields of anger, stress, trauma and mindfulness.

Next coaching training course dates to be announced

What is The Anger Academy?

The Anger Academy is the training department of The British Association of Anger Management (BAAM).

The training focuses on BAAM’s core values of improving self-awareness, honing emotional intelligence, and developing communication skills. Modules teaching ancillary skills such as marketing and facilitation are also included.

BAAM was founded by Mike Fisher in 1996. Mike’s book Beating Anger is considered the key text in anger management worldwide and has been translated into eight languages. Mike makes regular appearances in the UK broadsheet media and Beating Anger was made one of The Times‘ Top Ten Self-Help Books in 2012. He wrote Mindfulness and the Art of Managing Anger in 2012.

Mike created The Anger Academy to provide high-quality training for anger management coaches. Graduates from The Anger Academy work with both BAAM, their own practices, and other established organisations.

Mike teaches the Anger Academy course himself. The course is currently available online via Zoom to a worldwide audience.

Do you have what it takes to become an anger and stress management specialist?

Why should I become an anger management coach?

Demand for anger management coaches is higher than ever before. In 2020 BAAM took its courses online for the first time in its 25-year history running courses back-to-back throughout the year.

Referrals to anger management are more and more popular with law courts, employers and relationship counsellors. Famous names referred to anger management recently include singer Justin Bieber, UFC fighter Conor McGregor and actor Shia LaBoeuf.

Anger management skills are a worthwhile and lucrative addition to a therapist or counsellor’s existing resumé. Clients include individuals, families, businesses and front-line organisations.

Anger management coaching offers a fantastic opportunity for a truly fulfilling career change, or supplementary business that can be conducted online.

Former anger management students who’ve found their lives were changed by the programme find it especially rewarding to ‘put something back’ by training as a coach.

Graduates of Anger Academy are presented with certification considered the industry standard in the UK.

Do you want to help people:

  • Deal with anger, stress and shame
  • Stay out of prison
  • Keep families together
  • Increase health and wellbeing
  • Stop feeling alone and depressed

Can I work directly for BAAM?

Yes. Due to increasing demand for our services, we’re actively looking for anger management coaches to join our ranks.

We’re especially keen to train anger management coaches fluent in Italian, Dutch, Hebrew and Arabic, based in those countries or otherwise.

We are also responding to growing demand in the USA and South Africa, and we’re looking to train anger management coaches based in those countries.

Please be aware that neither taking the course nor receiving certification will automatically qualify you to coach as a member of BAAM. Your skills and personality fit will need to be thoroughly evaluated for competency and suitability.

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Who will teach me at The Anger Academy?

Mike Fisher is the founder of The British Association of Anger Management and considered a world leader in the field of anger management and conflict resolution. With 30 years’ experience in the field of professional and personal development, Mike has taught his Aggression Prevention Training (APT) course to over 20,000 people. He continues to hone his training module, educating other practitioners and trainers to offer it nationwide in schools, businesses, prisons, addiction clinics, NHS organisations, charities and youth organisations.

As a trained counsellor, facilitator and anger management consultant, Mike’s primary focus has been to assist individuals to prosper in their lives. Mike also works with organisations in both the public and private sector.

Mike has been featured on a number of television documentaries including The Angriest Man in Britain, Big Brother’s Little Brother, Monstrous Bosses and BBC2’s Inside Out as well as consulting on Red Mist II for LWT. The latest documentary release Beat It: Angry with my Father was produced by Landmark Films and aired on Channel Five. Mike has featured in many radio interviews and continues to contribute to magazine and newspaper articles offering his anger management expertise.

In 2005, Rider Books, part of Random House, commissioned Mike to author Beating Anger which continues to sell worldwide across several foreign language editions. The Times newspaper recently made it one of their ‘Top Ten Self-Help Books’. In 2012, Leaping Hare Press commissioned Mike to author his second book Mindfulness and the Art of Managing Anger which has also been translated into Spanish.

Did you know that:

  • 82% of previous participants said ‘Even after 18 months it’s still working’
  • 15% of previous participants said: ‘It works when I work it’
  • Only 3% said: ‘Waste of time and money’

What does the Anger Academy qualification cover?

You must have completed our BA1 or BA2 programme in advance of your Diploma.

The curriculum is split into two parts:

1. Live (Zoom) online evening sessions (86hrs)
2. Compulsory individual E-learning time. (70hrs)
TOTAL: 156 hours.

1. Live ZOOM Online Sessions – (54 hrs) Every Tuesday evening / some Saturday mornings

3 hrs in an evening, 6.30PM-9.30PM GMT Starting on the 7th March 2023 and ending on the 18th July 2023.

Topics Covered:

2. Compulsory E-learning time  – (70 hrs) 10 hours per month

  • Reading of course material in PDF format
  • Web links
  • Videos to watch
  • Suggested book reading list
  • Final online questionnaire before you proceed to the next stage of the course

Topics Covered:

 Shame        Trauma     Anxiety     Group Dynamics    • Dealing with Challenging People  Stress    Negative Core Beliefs     Attachment Theory     Working with Couples – Gottman Method  Unconscious Bias     • Non-violent Communication – Marshall Rosenberg     Co-dependancy     Five Love Languages  Groups – Forming, Norming and Storming     Young People – Jesper Juul

Aggression Prevention Training

The Aggression Prevention Training (APT) model, developed by BAAM’s founder Mike Fisher, is a unique approach to the management of stress and anger.

The APT model evolved out of Mike’s own individual therapy, plus his pyscho-educational training, research and extensive study of the subject.

This approach embraces stress and anger as catalysts for transforming relationships into authentic, healthy experiences – both for oneself and others.

The APT model explains a variety of psychological interventions that teach participants how to identify their sources and triggers of anger. They begin to understand how unconscious forces influence behaviour, and how these contribute to the mis-management of stress and anger.

The goal of the APT model is to:

Identify destructive patterns entrenched in primitive and archaic behaviours that were initially developed in order to fundamentally keep us safe in the world.

Rapidly achieve a commitment to change, mindfulness and radical self acceptance.

Identify one’s own traumatic experiences shaping unconscious behaviours, rigid defence mechanisms, limiting self-beliefs and destructive thought patterns, that go on to hinder our purpose and growth potential.

Teach brand new skills to change destructive patterns of behaviour, through the recognition and understanding of our psychological imperatives, cognitive dissonances, private logic and the healing of historic, traumatic occurrences.

When the APT model is consistently applied to relationships it has the potential to be profoundly transformative. This is strongly supported by our course effectiveness statistics.

Referrals come from a wide range of companies and government bodies including the NHS, doctors, police court services, children’s fund, schools, colleges, youth offending teams, probation and social services. We also work with NGOs including major charities Relate, MIND, Sane Line, and Samaritans.

Most enquiries though are self-referrals from individuals desperate to save their relationships or careers.

What's the cost of the course?

Cost of the course: £11,160 *Additional costs apply, please see below.

What the course costs include:

  • All course material will be provided, including digital PDFs of training material and workbooks for your group and client work
  • Mike Fisher’s books ‘Beating Anger’ and ‘Mindfulness and The Art of Managing Anger’, which are required reading before the end of the eight month course
  • Free copies of The A2Z of Anger and The A2Z of Stress – www.a2zeq.com
  • PDFs of further resource reading material
  • Hard copy Diploma in Anger and Stress Management which is recognised by The British Association of Anger Management and The Anger Academy.

Additional costs: £1,250 (BA1 plus initial interview) or £1,250 (BA2 plus initial interview). Accommodation, travel and meals for the final 4-day retreat which will be held in East Grinstead, West Sussex.

Once you’re accepted on the training programme, you will need to purchase the following books:

  • The Complete Facilitators Handbook – John Heron
  • The Six Categories of Interventions – John Heron
  • Emotional Agility – Susan David
  • Non-violent Communication – Marshall Rosenberg
  • It Did not Start with You  – Mark Wolynn
  • Anything on Attachment Theory – John Bowlby
  • Hold onto your children – Gabore Maté and Gordon Neufield
  • Read anything on Internal Family Systems – Richard C. Schwartz
  • There is also our suggested reading list that we like all students to read at some point during their training.
Payment Terms 
Cost of Anger Academy Training the Trainer –  £11,160 inclusive of VAT.
Additional cost: BA1 (£1,250.00) OR BA2 (£1,250.00) and an initial interview (£200). Accommodation, travel and meals for the final 4-day retreat which will be held in East Grinstead, West Sussex.
Option 1: Early bird discount of 10% if the full amount is paid no later than the 7th December 2022. This brings the cost to £9540,00. (Discount of £1060.00)  
Option 2: Should you not meet the early bird deadline, but can still pay the full amount in advance, we are happy to offer you a 5% discount. This would bring the cost to: £10,070.00. (Discount of £530.00) 
Option 3: Instalment Plan. A 25% deposit of £10,600.00 is required 14 days from being accepted onto the Anger Academy training. This is a £2650.00 deposit. The balance of £7950.00 to be paid over a period of 6 months with the first instalment of £1325.00 to begin one month before the training start date. £7950.00 / 6 months = £1325 per month. First instalment due by 7th February 2023 and every month thereafter, completing by October 2023. 
Additional costs: Please note: You will need to attend BA1 or BA2 prior to the Anger Academy training. This is a separate and additional cost to the AA training. Once you have experienced the 10-week or weekend intensive and remain interested, an Initial interview with Mike Fisher will be arranged at £200.00 where we are happy to discuss anything relevant to your circumstances. Meals, travel and accommodation are an additional expense for the final 4-day retreat.

When’s the next Anger Academy course starting?

Online Group Tuition

Starting 7th March 2023 and ending on the 18th July 2023

March 2023 – 7, 14, 21, 28
April 2023 – 4, 11, 18, 22 (Sat), 25
May 2023 – 2, 6 (Sat), 9, 16, 23, 30
June 2023 – 6, 10 (Sat), 13, 20, 27
July 2023 – 4, 11, 18


Tuesday Evenings: 18:30PM – 21:30pm (UK)  

Saturdays Mornings: 9:30AM – 12:30PM (UK)

4 Day Retreat

Final Retreat: 

Starting 21st July 2023 and ending on the 24th July 2023 (Fri-Mon)

Location: East Grinstead, W. Sussex

Times:  Fri-Sun: 9.00am-17.30pm. Mon: 9.00am-16.00pm (UK)


Week-by-week core material provided in electronic PDF format

Extensive additional recommended viewing and reading list

(Internet links provided)

Online self-testing capability

Approximately 70 hours total (ten hours per month) for e-learning review


Online: 23 Online sessions – (Tuesdays evenings) – 3 hours per session

Retreat: 4 Days

97.5 hours in total 


To apply you will need to fill in the application form.

Once accepted you will need to: