Welcome to The Anger Academy

Advanced training in the field of Anger, Stress, Trauma & Mindfulness



The Anger Academy is the new training arm of the British Association of Anger Management (BAAM).

Mission Statement

To support and encourage individuals to recognise that the healthy expression of anger is a powerful opportunity for healing and transformation.

BAAM was founded in January 2001 by Mike Fisher.

We offer an experiential learning training, teaching trainees to coach and facilitate groups and individuals to manage the negative forces of stress and anger in all aspects of people’s lives. Our psycho-educational training courses are designed for people to find healthy solutions when dealing with the many emotional obstacles that they encounter, if not create.

Our most popular and effective programmes, BA1 (online) and BA2 (weekend intensive) have fulfilled this criteria for many years and continues to do so as the need for anger and stress management services grow exponentially across the world.

The Anger Academy, in affiliation with BAAM, is very excited to offer a powerful new training programme for individuals that have identified a need or demand for Anger and Stress workshops in their community or workplace. This six-month Diploma training will cover the fundamentals of anger and stress management enabling trainees to offer courses to a wide market audience facilitating group work, adults, couples, families, teenagers, and children.

BAAM has been training Anger and Stress specialists since 2001.

Aggression Prevention Training

The Aggression Prevention Training Model (APT) developed by the Founder of BAAM, Mike Fisher, is a totally unique approach to the management of stress and anger. The APT model evolved out of Mike’s own individual therapy, pyscho-educational training, research and extensive study of the subject. The APT model embraces ‘The Gift’ of stress and anger as one of the cornerstones for transforming relationships into authentic healthy experiences with oneself and others. The APT model embraces a variety of psychological interventions to teach participants how to identify their sources and triggers of anger and to understand how unconscious forces influence behaviour which contribute to the mis-management of stress and anger.

The goal of the APT model is to:

1. Identify destructive patterns entrenched in primitive and archaic behaviours that were initially developed in order to fundamentally keep us safe in the world.
2. Achieve in a short time frame:
– a commitment to change, mindfulness and radical self acceptance.
3. Identify one’s own traumatic experiences that shape unconscious behaviours, rigid defense mechanisms, limiting self-beliefs and destructive thought patterns that tend to hinder our purpose and growth potential.

Other important aspects of the APT model involve learning brand new skills and changing destructive patterns of behaviour through the recognition and understanding of our psychological imperatives, cognitive dissonances, private logic and the healing of historical traumatic occurrences.
When the APT model is consistently applied to our relationships it has the potential to be profoundly transformative and healing. This has been supported by post course effectiveness statistics.

Referrals tend to come from a wide range of companies and government bodies such as the NHS, Doctors, Police & Court services, children’s fund, schools, colleges, youth offending teams, probation services, social services. As well as NGO’s such as national charity’s, Relate, MIND, Sane Line, Samaritans. However, most enquiries tend to be self referrals from individuals desperate to save their relationships or careers.

Do you have what it takes to become an Anger & Stress Management Specialist?

Training the Trainers

All prospective candidates need to attend an Initial Assessment, which will act as an introduction to the course and provide an opportunity for mutual assessment. Prospective candidates will also have to attend a weekend intensive (BA2) or a online (BA1) prior to the course.

Beating Anger 2 allows prospective candidates to experience a BAAM programme first hand and then decide if you want to be trained in the field of anger and stress management. It also allows Mike Fisher to see whether you are suitably matched for this work in order to be trained in this specialised field. It will also give you an opportunity to discover if this is an appropriate career choice.

The course will provide in-depth training for you to work competently with the following groups or one to one clients. This will include organisations, families, couples, children, teenagers and young adults which will help them to manage anger, stress, fear, shame, low self esteem and trauma. In turn this will increase their social and emotional intelligence, help them to self regulate, be more assertiveness in their lives, learn to be mindful and hopefully live more in the present. This will include learning radical self acceptance, empathy, compassion towards themselves and others, offer gratitude and appreciation for the lives they live and learn very specific life skills desperately needed in our society. This will contribute to feeling more relaxed and understanding themselves and others better.

Your training will be to facilitate groups and to offer individual coaching of each BAAM module which have been developed and delivered by BAAM for many years. The progammes below can be adapted and delivered with confidence to your respective client groups needs.

What skills are necessary to be a coach and facilitator in this unique field and are you eligible?
The key component for working in this field is your passion for helping and transforming the lives of other people. In essence, do you care enough to inspire and teach others how to live more emotionally sustainable lives. You will also need a certain amount of life skills because working with this client group can sometimes be very challenging. Ideally, you must be slow to anger and have a fairly strong sense of yourself plus have sufficient stamina to be able to deal with some of the stressors encountered when working with this challenging client group.

• No previous experience required other than a deep passion to support the well-being of yourself and others. Having knowledge and experience in personal and professional development would be very useful.
• A commitment to your own ongoing personal and professional development and supervision.
• All candidates are required to submit a detailed application form.

Do you want to help people:

  • Deal with Anger, Stress, Shame
  • Stay out of prison
  • Keep families together
  • Increase health & well being
  • From feeling alone & depressed

Course Curriculum

(You must have completed our BA1 or BA2 programme in advance to your Diploma)

The curriculum will be split into online and offline sessions as follows.

Offline Sessions – 8.5 hours each, 9AM-5:30PM GMT.

This will be covered over two sections of 5 days each where the whole group meets in person – one block set at the start of the course and one at the end. There will be a total of 10 sessions.

Facilitating groups, facilitation styles
Marketing and Promotions, Group Presentations

Online Sessions – 3 hours each, 7PM-10PM GMT.

Every Tuesday evening for 22 weeks starting on the 20th September 2019 and ending on the 10th March 2020.
We will cover:

Beating Anger
Calming Strategy
The Six Categories of Interventions, counselling and coaching skills
Understanding Anger for Parents, Teachers, Learning Mentors

To complete your certification you need to…

Deliver a minimum 10 hours of BAAM’s generic programme either online or on behalf of BAAM.  The alternative, would be to deliver your own courses, online or offline videoed for presentation. (online or offline 6 hours of presentations)

At the end of the first 6 months you are trained to:

  1. Facilitate groups and design courses according to request and/or bespoke opportunities available to you.
  1. Use coaching and basic counselling skills from the six categories of interventions based on the work of John Heron when faced with challenging group dynamics in either your group work or one:one work.
  1. Deliver Beating Stress courses which have become more popular servicing public groups, individuals and companies.
  1. Calming Strategy is popular for people wanting to explore anger and stress. CS is not our generic (BA1-BA2) market audience however it introduces our work to people who don’t fit into our generic group.
  1. Taming the Volcano is taught to children, teenagers and young adults. Can be delivered in either small groups or a one to one capacity online or 1:1.
  1. Deliver ‘Understanding Anger for Parents, Teachers, Learning Mentors’. This can be delivered in groups or in families. On and offline.

Note: all the above programmes are an offshoot on BA1 and BA2 and can be delivered online Using ZOOM or offline either in one to one or group settings.

Did you know that:

* 82% of previous participants said ‘even after 18 months it’s still working’.
* 15% of previous participants said ‘It works when I work it’.
* 3% of previous participants said ‘waste of time and money’.


Note: Before you can attend the Training the Trainers programme you will need to complete the BA2 programme before Sept 2019 in one of these four locations East Grinstead, London, Bristol or Manchester.
Cost of the 6 month Diploma: £4,600  (Ex VAT)

*Additional costs apply, please see below. What the course costs include:

  • All course material will be provided which includes PDF’s of training material and workbooks in PDF format for your group and client work.
  • Mike Fisher books ‘Beating Anger’ and ‘Mindfulness and The Art of Managing Anger’ which is a mandatory read before the end of the 6 month Diploma.
  • Free copies of the A2Z of anger and the A2Z of stress – www.a2zeq.com
  • Resource reading material.
  • Diploma in Anger and Stress Management which is recognised by The British Association of Anger Management and the Anger Academy.
  • One year free registration to BAAM’s launch of the international anger.directory worth £290.00 per year.

Additional costs: £935 (Ex VAT)

Once you’re accepted on the training programme, you will need to purchase the following books:

  • The Complete Facilitators Handbook, John Heron
  • The Six Categories of Interventions, John Heron
  • There is also our suggested reading list that we like all students to read at some point during their training
  • Emotional Agility – Susan David
  • It did not start with you  – Mark Wolynn
  • Anything on Attachment Theory
  • Hold onto your children – Gabore Maté and Gordon Neufield
  • Read anything on Internal Family Systems


Payment Terms

Any queries regarding methods of payment is subject to discussion with the Training Director. 

Financial arrangements:

A 50% deposit needs to be paid once you have been accepted on this unique training programme. The balance to be paid 45 days before the programme begins. Once you have committed to this training, no refunds will be issued.

We only accept BACS transfers.

Note: All (offline) sessions will take place in East Grinstead UK, 15 minutes from Gatwick Airport with lots of local B&B’s in the vicinity. We can supply you with a list of local B&B’s.  All (online) sessions will take place every Tuesday.

Continued Professional Development

Once you have completed the above 6 month mandatory training, you can further your training as part of your ongoing professional development. All aspects of this training will be delivered online whereby you can set your own pace with the last aspect ‘Mindfulness and the Art of Managing Anger & Stress’ being a 10-day retreat in Spain.

Mike Fisher

Mike Fisher is the founder of The British Association of Anger Management (B.A.A.M) and is one of the UK’s leading expert’s in anger and conflict management.
He has been involved in personal and professional development for 30 years.
As a trained counsellor, facilitator and anger management consultant, Mike’s primary focus has been to assist individuals to prosper in their lives in both the public and private sector.

His initial interest lay very strongly with the mythopoetic work of Robert Bly and men’s issues which led him on to being a co-founder of the Centre for Men’s Development in London.
Mike has utilised his ability to synthesise information from across a whole range of theories, models and psychotherapies to develop his own unique model called the Aggression Prevention Training (APT).
He has worked with over 20000 people using this model and continues to develop and deepen the training module educating other practitioners and trainers to offer this model nationwide in schools, businesses, prisons, addiction clinics, NHS organisations, charities and youth organisations.

On an international level, Mike has run anger management trainings in America, South Africa, Britain and Ireland.
He has been responsible for setting up Anger Management conferences and creating a very public awareness of anger in our society through the media as well as the National Anger Awareness Week held on the 1-7th December every year.

Mike has been featured on a number of television documentaries including the Angriest Man in Britain, Monstrous Bosses and BBC2’s Inside Out as well as consulting on Red Mist II for LWT.
The latest documentary release was produced by Landmark Films and aired on Channel Five ‘Beat It:Angry with my Father’.
He has featured in many radio interviews and continues to contribute to magazine and newspaper articles offering his anger management expertise.

In 2005, Rider Books, part of Random House commissioned Mike to author ‘Beating Anger’ which continues to experience a high sale demand. Times newspaper voted it in it’s top 15 best self-help book list!

In 2012, Leaping Hare Press commissioned Mike to author his second book ‘Mindfulness and the Art of Managing Anger’ which has also been translated into Spanish.

Linda Bolland

Working with Youth – Linda Bolland, Post-graduate in Youth and Community Studies, Brunel University and Facilitator/Trainer for the British Association of Anger Management.
Linda Bolland has worked with young people for over twenty five years.

She began her career working with young homeless women in Hollywood, California. Teaching and training young women in need of guidance, encouragement and respect after having been disillusioned by the promise of ‘fame and fortune’ on the star-studded streets of Los Angeles.

After emigrating to Great Britain, she continued her career with homeless youth and those in danger of school exclusion in Hampshire, having trained and served with Hampshire County Council for 16 years.

After receiving her post-graduate degree in Youth and Community Studies, she became a Qualified Youth Worker and Parenting Specialist for Hampshire County Council until February 2011.

She continues to do bespoke group and one to one work with youth in schools and on a private basis.
Having trained with the British Association of Anger Management (2003) Linda facilitates and trains men, women and youth in Anger and Stress management in Britain and abroad.

She is also trained in Traumatic Incident Reduction and Domestic Violence Groupwork.

She currently facilitates anger management programmes extensively in the criminal justice system, working with women in prison/ and on probation in Hampshire and the IOW, with an aim to reduce re-offending.
She has also been interviewed extensively on National television, Radio and Newspaper/Magazine publications on Anger and Stress management.