The Top Ten Benefits of Graduating from Anger Academy

Anger Academy is the finest anger management coaching course in the world.

Find out why…

Anger Academy is the finest anger management coaching course in the world. Find out why.

Whether you’re already practicing or considering a whole new career, Anger Academy qualifications can benefit you in so many ways. Here’s what the coaching team believes are the most beneficial advantages.

Anger management is going mainstream

Unfortunately, our society isn’t getting any less angry. But we are, at least, developing a better understanding of anger issues, how they manifest in many different ways besides open rage, and stigmas are gradually receding. Courts, community services, human resources departments and families too are more conscious of anger management and how it can transform lives.

And as awareness changes, the client base expands. At BAAM we’ve seen a dramatic increase in, for example, young women seeking our tuition. Read 20-something author Lemorna Ash’s experience of BAAM’s Online Group Course, taken from her original January 2021 article in The Sunday Times Magazine, on the BAAM website.

BAAM’s course is a world leader

BAAM founder Mike Fisher teaches and facilitates the Anger Academy course. Mike founded BAAM with Manuela Viana in 1997. He combined established psychological science with emotional intelligence and communication skills, to create a results-based psycho-educational programme aimed at regular folks. Since, the course has helped thousands of people turn their lives around. Mike’s book Beating Anger, is considered the key text in anger management worldwide. 

No other anger management course in Britain or worldwide matches BAAM for credibility or popularity.

Learn anywhere and teach anyone with remote learning

The remote learning revolution means consumers are much more comfortable with holding sensitive conversations over web conferencing platforms like Zoom or Skype.

Coaches no longer require therapy rooms or other premises, while clients don’t need to travel. As a coach, your potential customer base has grown exponentially. If you’re clever enough to speak more than one language fluently, you can offer your coaching in multiple territories.

Start teaching straight away with no need for additional qualifications

Meaningful counselling and therapy qualifications can take many years to achieve. Anger Academy though qualifies you to begin coaching in anger management straight away. While many of our students do have a background in either counselling or other forms of therapy, this is not required to either undergo training or teach. 

Clients seek help in other areas, too

Techniques to control anger are, of course, at the bedrock of BAAM’s training. Vitally though the course encourages clients to examine the reasons behind their anger such as stress, anxiety, unresolved trauma, low self-esteem and identity issues. 95% of BAAM clients have never experienced any form of therapy or emotional coaching before before, and request further one on one tuition in this area once they feel they’ve progressed with keeping their temper under control.

Almost everyone can benefit from more emotional intelligence

BAAM’s roadmaps for understanding and communication aren’t just applicable to angry people. ‘EQ’ or emotional intelligence training can make a huge difference to how functional relationships are at home and in the workplace, or dealing with challenging situations in general. Business and life coaches will find plenty of rich material to incorporate into their future plans or existing programmes.

Access seminars, BAAM’s e-learning textbooks and recommended reading

Each module from the Anger Academy course is taught via Zoom, with professionally written summary documents sent to you in advance. Additional reading and viewing material is supplied alongside. Each video seminar is recorded and available for Anger Academy students to view again at any time.

Become part of BAAM’s future

BAAM is expanding. Not only is anger management becoming more popular, the remote learning revolution means the organisation now has global reach, when previously we were restricted to three venues across the UK! 

BAAM is actively seeking new coaches to deal with this increasing demand, especially speakers in multiple languages and residents in time zones beyond Europe. While graduating from Anger Academy does not automatically guarantee you a part in BAAM’s expansion plans, it puts you at the front of the application process.

Get essential business tuition

The Anger Academy course includes modules on setting up and marketing your own anger management coaching practice. The BAAM team launched and promoted a business from scratch 25 years ago, and learned plenty in the process. Since then we’ve helped thousands of clients, published a Sunday Times Top Ten Self-Help book, and appeared in major features from household name media titles from Stylist and Elle to The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Times Magazine

Make a real difference in service to your community

Naturally there’s more to healing the rage epidemic than the financial benefits. As a society we’re only just beginning to re-learn that helping those around us can be truly fulfilling. If you’re seeking a change in vocation, Anger Academy offers the ideal opportunity to make a significant difference in the world, literally saving lives, jobs, families and marriages. Nothing beats reading grateful messages from the people who’ve turned themselves around thanks to you.